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Saturday, December 26, 2009

In style

 If you can't get enough of this year's shades of purple, violet, lilac and lavender this with it  Echeveria  Break of Day,is one to add to your life.If you plant it so it's back lighted, the colors in the leaves show to the best advantage. The other echeveria with the lavender hued leaves appears in the excellent  photo by Rob Durston , and in the a much less exciting, home made  photo. Durston  used a filter to bring up the color--au natural is a bit less lavender ( See  Echeveria links)

Echeverias come mostly from Mexico, and compared to their European cousins the sempervivae, grow larger and reproduce more slowly. Echeverias are not such a good bet for green roofs, though they might do well if watered 2 to 3 times a summer. After all, the Huntington Gardens sprinkles their famous Cactus Garden.   ( I was shocked, shocked at this procedure!)