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Monday, December 7, 2009

Another color

Aloe arborescens 'Lutea' - Golden Torch Aloe
click on this link and have a look at this elegant plant.
Lutea doesn't grow quite as large as the red-flowered variety, and is  less often seen. Probably because there aren't as many available for free cuttings---most of us acquired our aloes from someone's yard.

 Mine came from the old  Goodhue  house on Pichacho Lane through the hands of a neighbor . She  grew a huge hedge of  a. aborescens . We harvested the rosettes with a machete --20 or 30 rosettes. I took them home; they thrived .Cuttings from those plants have travelled to 2 other houses.

 Today a new hummingbird found them -- a black-chinned male, making his rounds.(see him here
Hummingbirds are very methodical which isn't something you'd expect from such a fizzy  bird. Around here, the same bird visits the same flowers at the same time everyday. All he needs is a bowler hat and an umbrella. 

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