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Monday, December 14, 2009

Agave Marmarota, other agave seeds, aloe seeds, Aloe thraskii

This spectacular agave above -photo  (copyright © Julia Etter & Martin Kristen)  from - is an unpromising infant when viewed in a 4" pot, which is what  local nurseries are likely to carry. But agaves grow quickly with  water. It would be worth the time  to grow it into giant pot size.

The Rare Palms site has seeds  of all kinds of amazing agaves, yuccas, bromeliads and cyclads. This is the season for starting cactus and succulents from seed. The seeds "know" when it has rained.

There's a place for aloe seeds as well with pictures of aloes in their native heath. Aloe thraskii (South Africa) from the coastal regions grows easily along our coast as well, I've seen it planted in a group of three each 15 feet tall, lording it over the landscape.

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