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Friday, December 18, 2009

Apologies to Senor Limon

The Key Lime turned out to be standing in a pool of cold air---about 7 degrees colder than anywhere else in the garden. Who knew?

The garden slopes East/South West, and since cold air flows downhill like water, cold air  usually doesn't sit  or do damage. However, a  bamboo hedge at the foot of the slope,  apparently acts as a dam, stops the air flow and creates an eddy of  low temperature.

The Key Lime was sitting in the middle of this cold pool. He is now wound around with fairy lights, looks festive at night, and----- if UCDavis is to be believed--- is protected .

The Pepperbox Breadseed  Poppies are up. Finally got it right after 3 tries,sowing after the second rain of the season. Pepperbox seed comes from Rene's Garden ( Lauren's Grape Poppy came up first, planted after the first rain. ( The  Ooh La LA  peony-flowered poppy (http://www.t&  is lagging. With a name like that, it's probably embarrassed to appear.