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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stretching Succulent from noun to adjective

In the bowl- first crop June           --                                   In the basket- second crop -mid January

These apples, Anna and Dorsett Gold produce lovely, succulent fruit in So Cal gardens. On the Central Coast they can, and do, bear 2 crops a year if not pruned until Feb.
Anna , an Israeli hybrid, and Dorsett Gold as described by Pacific Groves: on their website:

“DORSETT GOLDEN - Resembles Golden Delicious with yellow skin and red cheek. Flesh is firm, smooth and crisp with a sweet-tart flavor. Large, vigorous tree. A low-chilling (100 hours) apple that does very well in warm winter climates. Pollinates well with Anna. Ripens June-early July. (Early/self fertile)

ANNA - Large, yellow apple with red blush and sweet, mild flavor. Excellent low-chilling variety (150 hours) from Israel. Heavy producer and stores well. Ripens mid-June to early July. Does best with Dorsett Golden. (Early/self fertile).”

Dorsett is a bigger tree than Anna, bears very heavily. Anna’s fruit is tart/crisp with a little more character. Both make delectable applesauce with the smaller fruit from the second crop.

These are apples for negligent gardeners. Lived cheerfully in 5 gallon pots for 2-3 years. Planted in the ground, took off and began bearing immediately. Don’t seem to have any pests. Get a fair amount of water in the summer from a dahlia bed in front of them, no other water or fertilizer. Haphazard pruning.The most demanding work involved with Anna and Dorsett is harvesting the crop--- they are the zucchinis of the fruit world.

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