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Monday, January 11, 2010

More small agaves: Dwarf Butterfy and KichioKan marginata

Posted by PicasaOf all the small agaves, this one is the most enchanting. Love at first sight. Look at those leaves! Mme.  Butterfly seems ready to take off---full of spirit. Agaves can be a little intimidating--more than a little if we're talking about the big ones like a. americana. But agave isthmensis---Mme Butterfly-- just wants to be admired. Her botanical name, isthmensis means she comes from an isthmus probably somewhere in Mexico. She's occupying a gallon pot and won't need anything larger. If you want to try growing your own, follow the link for a seed source. This one was grown by Native Sons and photographed at Terra Sol Nursery (                                                                         

Here is another endearing agave with her circle of offshoots peering out:  Kichio Kan marginata. She is Mrs. 12 x 12. --grows one foot high and one foot wide. Marginata describes her stripes. She's called "Lucky Crown.". Her spines come in yellow, change to orange, then to red and she looks her best in part sun.. What's the difference between Kichio Kan marginata and plain Kichio Kan? Apparently there is one having to do with the stripes. Hard for an amateur to see.

The  really big  striped one that's all over in So Cal  and grows easily to 6 feet by 6 feet is her cousin Agave americana marginata.. Though handsome indeed the Big Guy is not for a small  pot, as the leaves alone can grow to be eleven inches across. There's one down the street that's planning to take over  the neighborhood. .