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Friday, January 15, 2010

Action in Sacramento- Good news for Californians

There's more good news from the business/political world on the green front:
"Newly constructed hospitals, schools, shopping malls and homes in California will be some of the greenest in the world, after a state commission voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the most stringent, environmentally friendly building code standards of any state in the nation. The new code, dubbed Calgreen, will take effect next January and requires builders to install plumbing that cuts indoor water use, divert 50 percent of construction waste from landfills to recycling, use low-pollutant paints, carpets and floorings and, in nonresidential buildings, install separate water meters for different uses. It mandates the inspection of energy systems by local officials to ensure that heaters, air conditioners and other mechanical equipment in nonresidential buildings are working efficiently. And it will allow local jurisdictions, such as San Francisco, to retain their stricter existing green building standards, or adopt more stringent versions of the state code if they choose........... "This article appeared on page A - 1 of the San Francisco Chronicle and was written by Marisa Lagos
That's great. What is still needed is more provision for solar panels and green roofs.Californians could insist all new building contain one or the other.