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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trouble in Paradise/Backyard Babe goes Noir

He caught her with egg on her face! This femme fatale has been eating the eggs of the 3 other hens.

 The level of information on the misbehavior of hens is sadly lacking on the Internet. Wikopedia has failed us. Is this what chicken maevens call "cannibalism"?

 Look at that unrepentant face. She planning her next eggsecution. What to do? Isolation? Rehab? Debeaking?


Posted by PicasaThis man does not look like a debeaker.
What can he do? Turning her into a casserole has been suggested..... but she's so pretty. Or, finding her a new home where she could play out her goth  game---alone. Does anyone out there know of a rehab for  delinquent hens?

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