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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catch up on the Lime Tree, the Urban farm and Playing hooky

If you look to the left you can spot the Christmas tree lights that not only saved the life of the Key lime but encouraged it so much that it bloomed profusely for the first time in its life. It appears to be setting fruit. Stay tuned!

 Let's hear it for UC Davis (blog 12/18/2009) and their excellent advice for keeping tender citrus warm.

Bitter sweet  report on the poppies (same blog.) All came up, were thriving, growing madly when a huge piece of plywood squashed the whole bed flat. (The house was being painted---workman don't pay attention  to things like seedling.) Did a very late sowing of California poppies to compensate. A good rain today should get them started. 

The local urban garden ( Food Not Lawns) is is definitely working. The hot chicks( blog 3/10/2010)  have turned into hip  hens and are producing 4 eggs a day.

The blog is late and brief this week-- the sirens called:

However should have done my homework on  betting the maidens.

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