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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Roof Garden continued

These are the elements for the next piece of roof garden. The plug of sedum will allow the casement window to open, the larger plants will go behind.
Crassula radicans is blooming right now. Sedum Aurora is the familiar "pork & beans"--- but pink.
The low growing sedum is "green sedum".

 Unable to resist a variety of plants,  tried to repeat the colors in the original half--sort of.

 The 2 sedums are the same variety, the barrel cactus repeat the barrels of the original half....  but the euphorbia can only be justified on the basis of outstanding good looks, color  and a repetition of shape. 

 Here's the completed garden.
For looks, it certainly  beats a grey composition roof. The roof garden willl cut the reflected  heat coming into the window by about 50%, and cut the energy costs of keeping this room, west-facing , cool in summer.

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