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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Echeveria Pink Frills, and Azure Blue, an orchid and more butterflies

Pink Frills
These two echeverias are worth considering. Pink Frills is e. shaviana, meaning it was hybridized and named for Henry Shaw of the U. of Missouri. It will grow to 3’ high and 12’ wide. It’s a good one for the garden,and will form offshoots.

Aztec Blue , on the other hand, might be a better choice for a pot. It’s an echeveria subsessalis meaning it tends to stay “fixed”. It’s going to stay smaller 2-4” x 8 ” . It’s flowers are pink, like the edges of it’s leaves. It looks really well in a group if you are going to plant it in the garden.. (see )  Pink Frills will form its’ own group. Both are summer bloomers with pink flowers.

This is one tough, undemanding orchid—a gift . It bloomed madly a few months ago, got put out in the shade garden at the bottom of a bamboo hedge. Got sprayed with the hose—maybe every 10 days. Now, here it is, blooming again. Think it is an epidendrum hybrid, but not sure. If you can identify it , let me know!
This week has been a minor disaster. The lithium battery on my digital camera gave out. No camera, no blog and no batteries anywhere to be had. Finally located the battery on line---still hasn’t arrived. ( Did get a notice it had been shipped---gee thanks, fellas). Finally marched into one of the big box stores that had assured me they didn’t have the battery. Found the battery—the only one. Saved..

More good news. Lots of butterflies everywhere in the garden. Have the Gulf Fritillaries been gossiping about the food supplies? Added a Butterfly Bush (Asclepias curassavica 'Red Butterfly") which the
growers aver is the delight of Monarchs. And there are Monarchs! Still no  Swallowtails  in spite of Fennel growing in the garden. Apparently, (conservative creatures!) fennel is not a substitute for wild anise.

The Spiral Cactus ( he refuses to be photographed, not ready for his close-up) is actually looking better. Shade cloth seems to be working.

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