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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's with the Meyer Lemon? Discoveries

We have two Meyer lemon trees, and still never have enough lemons to meet the demand. We use them as salad dressing for our favorite salad with Feta cheese. Just a sprinkle of juice over the top and the salad is dressed. Another constant demand in the household  is for Meyer lemon in any drink-water, vodka, gin and  tonic, lemonade, and our local mild mannered aperitif:  The M and V 
In a large wine glass (16 oz.) put in 6 ice cubes. Add enough vermouth russo  to almost cover the ice cubes, and some  sparkling water --more than a dash, but -- don't drown it! Cut a Meyer lemon in 4 equal quarters, lengthwise. Squeeze 2 quarters into the drink, and toss the juiced quarters into the drink. Stir vigorously. Add more lemon  if you like. 
What makes a Meyer lemon so special? Its breeding! It's a hybrid between a lemon and a mandarin ( or sweet orange). Mandarin oranges are special--- the Chinese herbalists use the dried skin to improve your chi'i .The scent of a Meyer lemon skin  is something of an anti-depressant.

 As you can see from the picture ( it's quite like a tangerine, but not exactly. Mandarin oranges were grown commercially in N. Florida before WWII --there was even a town named for them--and were considered the best of the best by aficionados.  Apparently the mandarin orange passed its' beneficial characteristics on to the Meyer lemon--including the ability to improve your chi'i.

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